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Kids dental Hygiene for Parents


When children have to attend their school early in the morning it’s a bit difficult for them to take time for brushing their teeth. Kids while going to school rush because they are often getting late but it is very important for your child to know that what role teeth play in their entire life to make their smile look the best. They should know that their smile is the first thing an individual notice on someone else. Here we will discuss some points that kids should know about their dental hygiene which will make them feel comfortable while talking to someone in class.

It is very important for you to make your child realize that how important is it for them to brush their teeth, thus, as soon as your child gets teeth it is very important for the parents to make sure that they are brushing their child teeth daily. Moreover, it is very important for you as a parent of your child to make sure you are taking your child regularly to the dentist to know about some or other tips to make your child teeth free from the cavity and other dental disease. For parents, you can make your child realize that two minutes twice a day is very important for their healthy mouth. They should know that the last thing before going to bed and the first thing after getting up in the morning should be brushing their teeth. For parents, it is also very important for them to guide and monitor their kids while they are brushing their teeth themselves which usually happens when the child is above five years old.

Kids are often so much sense about the taste of the food they prefer and they love trying something new or something which they like to taste every time. Toothpaste is also no different from food, let your child select their own flavor of toothpaste that they would prefer so that they can enjoy themselves while they brush their teeth as they are having something which they would like to taste more often. Parents should just make sure the toothpaste that their kids are using (above three years of age) has a proper amount of fluoride which is important for the teeth of their kids.

Your kid has to know what is good and what is bad for their dental health this can be done by the parents by educating their child about healthy diet. They should know that some dairy products like cheese, yogurt, milk and many other things like fruits and vegetables are important not only for their dental but overall health. They should now that fruits like kiwi, orange, apple and leafy products spinach and dry fruits like almonds are again very important for their dental as well as overall health.

The toothbrush that your child uses to brush his or her teeth should be small with soft bristles so that the toothbrush can reach every single tooth in the child’s mouth easily and without hurting their gums. Moreover, it is very important for the parents to change the child’s brush on regular basis.

Kids love sugary and acidic drinks and its difficult for kids to stay away from them. Tough these drinks are not good for the dental health of the child but it can be made easier by parents by just teaching the kid how to use straw for drinking these acidic or sugary drinks. When we use a straw the drink directly goes to the back side of the mouth without even touching the front teeth which prevent us from stains that can occur on our teeth with these drinks.

Thus, both parents and kids play a wonderful role to prevent tooth cavity or some other dental disease in the early age of childhood which is also very important to have a great smile and cheer yourself in front of everyone for the whole life.

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