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Smoking damage your oral health


You must know that smoking is a hazard to your health and lung, but do you know that smoking also effect to your oral health also

Smoking damage your gum and teeth because smoking reduces blood flow to the gums which cause gum disease. Since smoker are not know and not aware of the effect of smoking, so they ignore the importance of oral health which could be lead to a bigger problem like lips and mouth cancer

Gum disease can make you lose your bone and tissue which hold your teeth all together. Without these, your teeth will become loosen, pain and you may loose your teeth or it will get extracted. In adult, the most common cause of losing teeth is gum disease. Especially the smokers. They are 3 times higher in risk of having gum disease than non-smoke.

Tooth decay are often found in the smoker as nicotine in tobacco reduce saliva flow and a lot of smoker got dry mouth symptoms. Smoker usually have thicker saliva which does not have the ability to protect teeth. Smoking ruin your smile also, as they are stained for both teeth and tongue make your teeth look dirty and old. Gum discoloration ( Smoker’s melanosis ) can be another effect, as well as, the shape of the roof of your mouth which called palate. The loss of taste and smell and bad breath that can ruin your appearance. 

Smoking reduce the ability to heal

The sore or cut in your mouth will be heal slower than usual as there are less blood flow to your mouth or gums because of nicotine in the cigarette. If you go through dental procedure it will make your recovery slower too 

You must know that smoking causes lung cancer but only a few people aware of oral cancer. In male-smoker are more likely to have 10% higher in risk of oral cancer and 5% in a female-smoker rather than a non-smoker. From the record, only half of people who have oral cancer will be alive 5 years later. If you have any lumps ulcer, discoloured patch, cut and sore that doesn’t heal within 3 weeks should go to your dentist and have an oral check-up. The faster you found, the better for your to know how to take care and look after your oral health.

Follow the dental hygiene then you will have healthy oral health back. Food will taste and smell better. Quit smoking for better health and a better life.

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