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9 Fact you should know about teeth whitening


1. Your teeth can absorb like sponges

Your teeth surface is like a sponge that have pores which absorb when you eat or drink color food such as wine, coffee or tea. But the effect will activate faster in staining teeth when you smoke. The stain will never go away unless you regularly clean and remove them. Teeth whitening gel also a good idea for removing the stain. The gel will work by absorbing into the tooth then it will push and remove the stain out of the pores. This will help getting your teeth whiter.

2. Wrong if you think teeth whitening damage your teeth

Many people would have never thought that brushing aggressively can damage your teeth and gums too. However, if you use properly formulate teeth whitening gel it will be safe. The teeth whitening gel works by temporarily open the pores in your teeth and push the stains away, then after the whitening process your teeth will naturally re-hydrate and re-mineralize by themselves.

3. The device you use to whiten your teeth is important

Most teeth whitening gel in the market have similar formulas and ingredients but the difference is the the device that you use to hold the whitening gel to the teeth. Make sure that the tray that you use is fit and cover every of your tooth so that your teeth will be covered evenly to get the most effectiveness from the whitening gel.

4. It is normal to have sensitivity after teeth whitening

Teeth sensitivity often caused by thin enamel, damaged teeth or even genetics. The teeth becomes temporarily dehydrated and the pores get opened which reduce the ability to face the nerve of the temperature changing. But it will go away in 12-36 hours.

5. Neither Laser nor UV light teeth whitening are permanently

Both Laser and UV light only work to accelerating the whitening gel to act faster. And this process provided under dentist supervision. It is fast to whiten the teeth but may not be the
option for people who have sensitive teeth. Also the result is temporary and should be maintained if you want to keep the whitening result.

6. Stains can’t be removed in a short of time or overnight
Remember that you are removing the years of stains. It is impossible for any product in the market that can remove the stain that fast. The teeth whitening process can take from 4 days to several months. Also the result of the teeth whitening are different in each person.

7. You can not whitened crown and veneer

Crown and veneer are created to match with your teeth color. It will never be whiten or stain. The teeth whitening will not damage the artificial dental work.

8. Before bed is the best time to whiten your teeth

When you eat or drink color food your teeth will get stain especially when you do the teeth whitening. Your teeth will absorb the whitening gel which make your pore get opened. Which easily allow stain . Also the bed time allow your teeth to restore and re-hydrating

9. Perfectly white teeth is not for everyone

As everyone are born with the different natural teeth color. Teeth whitening treatment can only remove the the stain the build up for years. The result of the color that patient will get after will also depend on their natural teeth color.

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