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Why you should visit a dentist 2 times a year ?


1. Plaque Removal 

 Just brushing and flossing your teeth is not enough because plaque in your mouth can’t be removed just by brushing or flossing. When it builds up in your mouth and harden on your teeth. You will need help from a dentist to remove them with the dental tools. Leave it to an expert.

2. Prevent cavity

 Along with removing plaque it also helps to prevent tooth cavity. Because plaque will form up cavities. More and more cavities will eat away your teeth. Which can be leading to a number of serious problems.

3. X-ray

 X-ray can reveal the underlying of the teeth problems that can not be seen by bare eyes. Normally x-ray only taken once a year unless there is a need.

4. Prevent gums disease 

 From visiting a dentist twice a year can prevent gums disease by removing plaque and check gums with the dentist. That you may not identify by yourself.

5. Avoiding tooth pain 

 Pain in teeth can be for many reasons such as tooth cavities, wisdom tooth, a loose tooth and many other reasons. A dentist will be able to figure out the reason and stop the pain by some procedure.

6. Oral cancer 

 Visiting a dentist twice a year and having oral exam help preventing and keeping oral cancer away. Also the dentist will be able to identify the early sign of the oral cancer.

7. Advice on oral care 

 Dentist can give you advice on how to keep your oral health in a good condition. And you can make sure that your mouth is taken care of.

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