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About Us

superdoc is a Thailand made, lifestyle dental care product and a life clothing and accessories developed by Dr. Sunil Phol. These are the products that we use in our normal life, and made by Thai locals, farmers and villagers.The purpose of doing these products is to create jobs for the locals and to help the country by not importing and by generating the revenue by the people or for the people.

It’s a brand that Dr. Sunil developed to protect “made in thai” products. So that people can compare that Thai products are of the same quality as that of imported products from US, Paris or Germany.

Dr. Sunil himself doesn’t mean that people should stop buying branded stuff, but he wants people to think twice before spending that if our Thailand product can be the same quality, and some product might be better.

These products Dr. Sunil had devoted them in a very fashionable style, from his passion and after visiting many countries around the world he has gathered these ideas.

The packaging of Superdoc is stylish, so when you carry these items in your hands, you will feel like posting the picture with the products holding in your hands.

That’s why superdoc is an Elite lifestyle product.

Certain amount of profit of Superdoc will be going to PP foundation, which was created by Dr. Sunil 5 years ago, which support dental health and medical care to underprivileged area of Bangkok and supports education to under privileged people.

This project started on 05-05-2018

2013 – 2018