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The Weirdest Teeth


The boy with 232 teeth

The 17-year-old Indian boy has 232 teeth in his mouth which were removed in a surgery at JJ Hospital that lasted more than six hours!

It also has been recorded in the Guinness World Records for the most number of teeth extracted from an individual’s mouth. 

The boy named Ashiq Gave living in a village in the Buldhana district of the Amaravati region. One and a half year back, his family noticed swelling on the right side of his lower jaw. However, the local doctors couldn’t identify the problem. His family was afraid he had a sign of cancer. The boy, Ashiq, was diagnosed with a condition called composite odontoma or a benign tumor of the tooth. That can effect in swallowing, eating, and many others. The condition effect the upper jaw and a maximum of 25 teeth can be extracted from a tumor, but in this case, the tumor was found deeper in the lower jaw and the doctor removed more than 232 teeth from Ashiq’s mouth 

A tooth in a nose

Nosebleeds seem to be common in children and teen, but for this young Saudi Arabian man always has nosebleeds once or twice a month for 3 years, turned out he has a white little bone in his nose about 1 centimeter long. His doctor consulted with the dentist who said that the little bone is actually an extra tooth that grew up in his nose and it had to be removed.

The blind man can see again after having tooth implanted in his eye

English man Martin Jones was blind for the most of his life. Fortunately, his eye surgeon found the way to make him see again by bizarre procedure, implanted a piece of his tooth in his eye. The “eye tooth” or called a canine tooth was implanted into his eye.

The tooth was pulled out from the man’s mouth itself then a man-made eye lens was implanted into its base and finally place under his eyelid for tissue to grow over the canine. The skin from his mouth was taken to implanted over the tooth the doctor then cut the hole in the cornea to allow the light to enter the eye. Surprisingly, this procedure can help more than 600 people to see again.

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