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Reminineralizing your teeth’s enamel

Some people don’t know what is demineralization, you may identify this condition if your teeth have white spots, weakening, or cavities. To avoid or get rid of all these problems is to remineralizing your teeth’s enamel otherwise you may get the risk of other serious dental problem. Demineralization is when the mineral content in your…

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What is dry brushing?

Basically, dry brushing is brushing without toothpaste or water. To make you learn how to clean your teeth better which you may not know or misunderstand that you already clean your teeth good enough because when you brushing with toothpaste which most of them contain oils that effect the tactile sensitivity of the tongue. The…

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Vacation Dental Tips

Keeping your dental health as usual when you are out for a vacation is hard because that time you only care or the new adventure that you are about to go with that time only you care about what all you have to do enjoy for the vacations which is very obvious but taking care…

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Can mouthwash replace brushing?

Fresh minty breath smell after you after using mouthwash doesn’t mean it’s clean! The artificial smell that most of the mouthwash contains helps to increase the freshness and improve the smell of your breath and also have fluoride that helps restore minerals to your teeth which have been lost due to the acidic food like…

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Oral Cancer

Cancer is defined as the uncontrollable growth of cells that cause damage to the surrounding tissue. For oral cancer can be defined as a growth or sore in mouth, lips, tongue, cheek, a floor of the mouth, hard, and soft palate that does not go away. This condition should be seriously concerned and treated.  The…

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Why are your gums bleeding?

  Bleeding gums can be a sign of many dental problems or diseases. It is important to take an action to know what is happening with dental health. To prevent and protect any problems in advance. Dental health check-up should be done 2 times a year for cleaning and looking for the signal of diseases…

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Temperature-Sensitive Teeth

The different part of tooth  Crown : Is called the top part of the teeth or basically the part that easily see. The shape of the crown identifies the function such as the front teeth have the shape and flat shape for cutting and the back teeth or molars have a flat surface for grinding….

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