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Not only eating but drinking also causes problems in your teeth


Though eating affects your teeth, drinking also has a big contribution to your oral health. There are two main things that you should protect your teeth with and they are sugar and acid, as, sugar causes the growth of bacteria in your mouth moreover it also harms the enamel layer of your teeth and acid harms the enamel layer of your teeth.

Sugar and acid are almost found in all the drinks. The drinks that can cause problems with your teeth are smoothies, tea and coffee, wine and some other drinks. Smoothies is mainly made up fruits that are high in sugar moreover these fruits are acidic also. Tea and coffee is another beverage that we often drink in which we prefer to add sugar, though tea and coffee are harmful to your teeth as stain your teeth the sugar that is added is more harmful as it causes the growth of bacteria and also harms your enamel. The last drink that harms your teeth is wine, wine contains a good quantity of acid and consumption of more wine may risk your enamel.

Source:- everyday health

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