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Fruits and vegetables good for your dental health

  • Sweet potato is a nutrient rich root as it has good quantity of Vitamin A, which helps to protect the enamel layer of your teeth and also removes the cavity from your teeth.
  • Fruits like Kiwi, orange, mango, strawberry and many more fruits that are Vitamin C rich fruits are good for your gums as it keeps your gums healthy and moreover it heals the cuts in your gums.
  • Some leafy products like spinach is good for your healthy teeth and gums as it is a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin B2 & B12.
  • Some other fruits like apple, carrot is also good for your oral or dental health as it secrets saliva when you eat then this saliva in your mouth dilutes the acid and removes the debris from your teeth.
  • Moreover, almonds and other nuts are also good for your teeth because they produce Vitamin B2 & B12 with iron, which is good for your healthy teeth and gums.
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