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DO & DON’T : Tricks for lipstick colors that will make your teeth look whiter


People are born with different teeth color. Some have whiter teeth color, but some tend to be more yellowish. However white teeth don’t always mean healthy. It also depends on hygiene, diet, and age that make tooth discoloration. Laser whitening will make your teeth whiter but won’t make it any healthier also not an option for people who have sensitive teeth. For the ladies, complementary there are some tricks to whiten your teeth which you would love it!

1. Pick blue-based formulas over orangey reds

 It’s a color logic blues and orange is a complementary color which are contrasting colors on a color wheel. The lipstick that formulated blue-based will helps to get rid of the yellow tones on the teeth and make it seem whiter.

2. Always choose cool undertones

 Pinks are some girls favorite, unfortunately, it has no dark contrast in it that will help your teeth pop. So you should go with the softer and always avoid the orange.

3. Pick dark berries over browns 

Because the brown colors will highlight the yellow tones on your teeth. Go for dark berries which have blue tones in it. Your teeth will look a lot whiter!

4. Sheer and Glossy formula 

Even though, the matte lipstick might be in-trend right now, but it can make your lips seem dry. Moreover, it can not highlight your teeth as much as glossy lipsticks do.

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