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“Bad Breath” in the morning


  Bad breath in the morning or “Halitosis” is what most people have to face with every morning. You may still have bad breath in the morning even though you brush your teeth in the night before. Bacteria in your mouth and saliva can be one of the reason. They will produce also can cause the food particles to release the smells.

Dry mouth is also another cause because when you sleep the saliva process is slow which allows the bacteria to increase.
You can reduce bad breath by these easy step

1.Brush your teeth twice each day about 2 minutes a time and use floss

2.Brush the tongue as well as the teeth and gums

3.Drink plenty of water

4. Avoid eating food that causes bad breath such as garlic, onion, coffee, and alcohol 

5. Go to a dentist every 6 months for the oral health check-up

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