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Temperature-Sensitive Teeth


The different part of tooth 

Crown : Is called the top part of the teeth or basically the part that easily see. The shape of the crown identifies the function such as the front teeth have the shape and flat shape for cutting and the back teeth or molars have a flat surface for grinding.

Gumline : the area which teeth and gum meet. Also can be the place where plaque build up when you don’t take good care enough of dental hygiene which could lead to gum diseases.  

Root : the part of the tooth is embedded in bone. The root helps to hold the tooth in place 

Enamel : The hardest part of the human body, also the most mineralized part. It is the outer layer of the teeth. It can be damaged by decay. 

Dentin : the next layer under the enamel is dentin where millions of tiny tubes lead directly to the dental pulp. 

Pulp : the soft tissue in the center of the tooth if the decay reach to the pulp you will feel pain.

When the enamel that protect your teeth get damaged, the layer of dentin underneath the enamel exposed which dentin is made up of a loads of hollow tubes that connects to a nerve ending in the pulp that can lead to a sensitive nerves as well as temperature sensitivity pain. 

Use toothpaste for sensitivity

 The sensitivity toothpaste is available in all of the store where toothpaste is sold. The ingredient are differs in different brands. You just have to choose the right one that fit you. One brand may works well with your teeth than the others. However, if none of them works you may have to go to see you dentist for a check-up to define any further problems or diseases 

Change your brushing 

People who always brush their teeth so hard seem to have teeth sensitivity more since they beat down and damage their teeth enamel which gives pain and sensitivity. Always go with the soft toothbrush and keep in mind to brush your teeth gently during your brushing routine. 

Use the mouthguard 

Some people grinding their teeth unconsciously due to sleep disorders, stress or anxiety. Grinding wears away the enamel of the teeth, wearing a mouthguard at night will help prevent grinding the cause of teeth sensitivity.

Avoid the acid 

Acidic food and drinks will ruin your teeth enamel such as soda, juice, and sport drinks. If you leave the acid on you teeth for too long it will cause the teeth sensitivity. If you must eat or drink it do so with drinking water right after or rinse and brush your teeth after a meal. The best is to avoid having foods and drinks that that bad for your teeth.

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