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Why are your gums bleeding?


  Bleeding gums can be a sign of many dental problems or diseases. It is important to take an action to know what is happening with dental health. To prevent and protect any problems in advance. Dental health check-up should be done 2 times a year for cleaning and looking for the signal of diseases which you may not be able to identify by yourself. Here are the most reasons of bleeding gums


 A common disease that happens when plaque builds up around your teeth irritating your gums which make your gum more sensitive and bleed easily. You also can see the redness along the gum line. You may also feel the pain. It is easy to get rid of gingivitis just through proper dental hygiene. Brush your teeth gently twice a day and keep in mind to floss your teeth every day. It would take around two weeks to see the different result. If not you should go to visit your dentist to see other possible diseases like periodontitis. 


 Some people put on a hard-hand when it comes to brushing. And don’t even realize it too! Have a moment to take a quick look at your toothbrush, If they get frayed you definitely over-brushing your teeth and it is bad for your teeth as you wear down your teeth enamel which can lead to teeth sensitivity as well as damaging your gums. Choose soft toothbrush because hard ones will never be good for your oral health. Put a light hand on when you are brushing because over-brushing don’t make your teeth any cleaner.

Irregular Flossing 

 Dentist suggests flossing at least 1 time a day. It is completely normal if your gums bleeding while you are flossing especially if when you don’t floss regularly because bacteria and plaque build up between the teeth and weakened the gums. After 2 weeks of flossing every day, you will notice the changes as your gum will get used to the flossing action, but if not it may be because your flossing technique is too aggressive. You have to do it in a right way and always be gentle, but then again if your gum still bleeding it may be a sign of some more serious diseases that you should consult with your dentist.

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