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What is dry brushing?


Basically, dry brushing is brushing without toothpaste or water. To make you learn how to clean your teeth better which you may not know or misunderstand that you already clean your teeth good enough because when you brushing with toothpaste which most of them contain oils that effect the tactile sensitivity of the tongue. The oil will coat on your teeth and tongue make the surface feel smoother and cleaner than it actually is.

  However, dry brushing will allow you to feel the actual surfaces of the teeth which food particle and plaque may build up along the teeth and gum line. The dry brushing technique will make it easier for you to identify and target the problem areas. 

Fresh minty breath smell after you brush your teeth with toothpaste doesn’t mean it’s clean! The artificial smell that most of the toothpaste contains helps to increase the freshness and improve the smell of your breath which it might make you ignore the fact that your teeth or mouth aren’t that clean. For this reason, dry brushing makes it easier for you to tell if the mouth is clean or not. Normally, people will automatically take longer to brush their teeth when toothpaste is not being used, as the mouth actually doesn’t feel or smell clean as it actually is.

In the past, the toothbrush was made with hard bristles or horse hair which supposed to get wet before using not like present days that most of the toothbrush is made from nylon which is perfect for dry brushing because if you soaked your brush with water it will increase the splatter and give the less effective brushing.

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