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Do you know stress has an impact on your teeth


People always have stress in their daily life either from the pressure of working or final exam that coming right in the corner. You might notice that stress can be effective in many parts of your body such as a headache, eyes pain or even stomachache. But not many people know that stress also has an effect on your teeth too!

Surprisingly, how stress has such a huge impact on the human body. Here are some results that you can see how stress affect your teeth.

Teeth grinding 

Teeth grinding or bruxism is the action that you do unconsciously while you are asleep. You may notice from waking up with jaw, head, neck pain. Which in long term you may have cracked or broken teeth since serious teeth grinding.

2.    Developing of TMJD

Serious teeth grinding can lead to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD). This case you may require to wear a mouthguard at night while you are sleeping or other dental procedure.

3. Increasing Gum Disease 

Your immune system compromised by stress which means your body’s ability to fight bacteria is weakened. This allows the bacteria and gingivitis

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