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Types of teeth

Teeth helps us chew our food to make the food easier to get digested , moreover, teeth helps you in your speech also. This teeth is further categorized in four types where all have different shapes and functions. These four types of teeth are incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Incisors are the eight teeth present…

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Root Canal Treatment

Our teeth is made up of three layers which incudes enamel, dentine and pulp. Where Pulp is the inner most layer which includes the nerves and blood vessels. When a teeth is deeply decayed, cracked or fractured which mainly happens due to damage in the enamel layer of your teeth, then sign of problem in…

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Tooth layers

A tooth is basically divided into two parts, the visible part of your teeth which is called crown and the invisible part of your teeth which is called roots. These roots are present below the gum line of your teeth and help the teeth to get attached to the bone. A tooth has four layers…

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Dental Phobia

It has been estimated that as many as 75% of dental patients experience some or more dental fear, which may be very less or even too much. In this 75% approximately 5-10% people experience a severe dental phobia in which they don’t even to go for their dental treatment even in the case of dental…

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Long Live Her Majesty Queen Sirikit

On the auspicious occasion of the 86th Birthday Anniversary of our beloved Queen of Thailand, Superdoc Bangkok offers Our Sincere wishes to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Superdoc also wishes Happy Mother’s Day. GOD cannot be everywhere and, therefore he made MOM. Mothers hold the hand of their children for sometimes but hearts forever. Let this…

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Drink quick!

We all prefer to drink fruit juice, smoothies and all the other drink slowly but drinking slowly is leading to problems in your teeth because smoothies and fruit juice contains sugar and is usually made of fruits that contains citric acid in it. Sugar which is present In your juice gives birth to many bacteria’s…

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Don’t chew ice

Chewing ice that is there in your beverage is not good for your teeth as chewing ice makes cracks in your teeth which results in weakening of your teeth. Chewing ice sometimes can also lead to sensitivity. Moreover, chewing ice weakens your teeth which leads to break down of your teeth.

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