• Tooth Whitening Gel

    Your companion of flawless smile. A formula invented and presented to you to get that impeccable smile that
    you always wanted. Easy to use and super effective and body perception.

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The Weirdest Teeth

The boy with 232 teeth The 17-year-old Indian boy has 232 teeth in his mouth which were removed in a surgery at JJ Hospital that lasted more than six hours! It also has been recorded in the Guinness World Records for the most number of teeth extracted from an individual’s mouth.  The boy named Ashiq…

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Food that bad for your teeth

People eat and drink every day for a living. Always concern about the nutrition and calories but do you ever considered what kind of food that good for your teeth?… areRarely, a lot of adults have missing teeth which can be caused by not eating the right food or vitamin that make your teeth strong…

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Dental hygiene

In this world where appearance is everything, your smile is the key to it, to keep up our many of us might have started taking some precautions also like brushing teeth twice, flossing everyday, avoiding sugar, going to your dentist on a regular basis, drinking less tea or coffee and many other precautions we take…

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Prefect smile tip

Your smile is the thing that someone would observe on you. Your smile is something that cannot come only in a day or two but it takes some months or maybe years to achieve the best smile and a person can keep up their smiles as long as they want by just following some tips…

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